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The California Community Land Trust Network is a statewide membership organization of Community Land Trusts based in California. Formed in part by Consortium members the Network is now a fully independent organization.

Network members include a diverse and inclusive group of organizations that span California from Humboldt and north to San Diego and south along with dozens of cities and counties in between and collectively steward permanently affordable homes and community facilities housing thousands of Californians and represent well over $100,000,000 of community assets. With over 15 established groups state-wide and several more emerging CLT’s are an essential part of solving California’s affordability crisis for housing and community facilities.

Our mission:
The CA CLT network provides a regional peer-to-peer forum for California-based Community Land Trusts to:

  • serve as a state-wide means for established and emerging CLT’s to share resources, information, tools, and best practices
  • share information on policy issues of interest to California based CLT’s and allied organizations
  • organize in-person state-wide meetings for CLT staff, board and residents
  • educate members of our state-wide community about Community Land Trusts
  • support the establishment of new and emerging CLT’s and supporting groups
  • develop a state-wide small site housing acquisition fund / endowment for the creation of permanently affordable housing that uses the CLT model to guarantee affordability including condominiums, cooperatives/ shared housing models and single family homes

For information about CLT’s in California please see our presentation: CA CLT NETWORK –  Creating permanently affordable homes for California

Our members and supporting groups include: